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A great walk, free but most tipped at the end took about 3 hours and whilst walking around between many of the major civil and rligious buildings we saw roman remains, changing of the guard at the presidnets house and learned much about the hsitory and tradition of Bulgaria. I guess some of this will depend on the guide you get but certainly ours was great on history and culture. Very worth while and I suggest you do it as early as you can in your visit because it will help you decide what to do in the rest of it
The free Sofia tour is just that -- a free guided tour of some the city's highlights. I found it fun and very interesting. Perhaps the best recommendation is that some locals have taken the tour and have really liked it. Our tour was about 1.5 hours and it covered the city's major attractions. Of course, donations are accepted at the end of the tour, but there was no pressure and I was happy to contribute since it was such a positive experience. I highly recommend this as a Sofia starting point.
We took the Free Sofia tour on Sunday 13th when the Free Sofia Tour guides were planting trees to celebrate 5 years of giving free tours and promoting intercultural exchange and understanding. After the ceremony we took the tour with Martin who was excellent. An historian he guided us through the city explaining each of the significant buildings in a fun and interactive way. He also added in some personal anecdotes which made the tour more interesting and funny. At all times the tour was interesting and informative - it was not a "boring history tour". I cannot recommend this tour highly enough, you should definitely go and experience Sofia with these guys. Additionally, it's very well run and professional.
A great way of seeing Sofia. Good english speaking guides. Very professional and answered all the questions we asked.
Fun, friendly and informative tour of the city centre's key sites. Our guide Niki had great English and was consistently charming and well informed. Highly recommended, this free tour was better than many paid tours I've been on. Please tip your guide generously if you enjoy!
Take this tour first and then explore the old town center. The tour took us all around the old town area and our tour guide Dino was funny and full of information. I do recommend asking the tour guide to draw on your map the route he lead so you could go back and revisit and spend more time in the places that interested you. The tour is free but by no mean it is low on quality. I would pay to take this tour.
I have been living in Sofia for the last 11 years but just recently I decided to do the tour. Learned a lot of interesting things and had a lot of fun :)
Here in Sofia working for two weeks and was looking for something to do last Saturday. I found a leaflet on the 365 Association free tour of the city. It was a very well run tour with a lot of information about not only Sofia but Bulgaria in general. Great to see the old wall and Roman remains of the old city. Thank you Christina for a very well presented tour. she made it interesting and with a little humor as well. So good in fact I can still remember most of the facts!!!! This is a free tour but you can donate a contribution at the end if you wish, this is just to keep the tour going as these are all volunteers. Thank you and well done to this lovely city.
Great tour and incredible performance by Slavyan. I totally can recommend this tour and it is even for free. You will be satisfied, all main attractions of Sofia are covered.
The free Sofia tour is a must-do for first time visitors to Sofia. Excellently run by passionate guides who really know their stuff. Our guide Dino was lots of fun and made the experience really worthwhile with plenty of great information about all the city highlights. Take the tour - you'll love it.
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