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“Excellent! A must!” Be aware there is a lot of walking involved (it's a walking tour!) so do it in the morning when you're fresh and full of energy. We chose the 11am tour, I think there is another at 6pm as well. Kris, our guide, was excellent. He was polite and had just enough charisma to keep people laughing or smiling. The pace was good, not too slow. Information was abundant. Everything about the tour was great. I believe he had an interest in The New Sofia Pub Crawl, as he recommended this after - again this was an amazing experience and worth the money it cost. The free tour is open to donations and I'd recommend offering some money - it is better than half the tours you pay for!
Great tour all around the city of Sofia. The guide Radina knew a lot of great history and facts about the local attractions, and had some great recommendations afterward to eat. The tour runs you through a lot of beautiful sites, especially the local churches. There's so many layers of history in the city, so you'll be walking up and down a lot, but it's worth it. Going from the ancient Thracian empire through Rome, the Ottomans, and the Communist era, you get to see a multitude of public buildings, churches and outdoor locales with a ton of history. Definitely worth the visit.
Interesting and insightful Our tour guide, Mitko, is a history student (halfway through his PhD) at the University of Sofia and was a passionate, entertaining and knowledgable speaker. He put the whole history of Bulgaria into a 10 minute introduction which was masterful and gave us all a framework to hang all of the subsequent information on. We have taken city tours all over the world and I have to say that this was by far the best. He mixed the factual history with personal anecdotes and analysis of the economic and political situation in Bulgaria. Outstanding and highly recommended. He kept the whole tour party including our 12 and 14 year old in the palm of his hand all through the two and a half hours. Also really impressed with the Free Tour format. Absolutely no pressure to make any monetary contribution but incredibly high quality product. A the end of the tour it was impossible not be be generous in reflection of a real insight into Bulgarian history, life, humour and hope.
Very well organized tours. I strongly recommend to foreigners visiting Sofia
I just came back from this wonderful experience-an attractive walk through the history of Sofia city. I really admire Niki's enthusiasm and wonderful sense of humour. He not only introduced us to the main chronology of events but made us live and feel using games and competitions. Well done! It is something you shouldn't miss if coming to Bulgaria.
Fantastic - and don't forget to tip” My wife and I found the tour great. The guide was a great resource of knowledge and fun facts. Highly recommend for anyone visiting Sofia. Please do not forget to tip. It says free - yes - but the guides appreciate it!
All visits to Sofia should include this tour, it'll knock your socks off! Our tour guide was Petya and she had some lovely, interesting stories and even had quiz questions with prices! Get on board people, it's brilliant!
Excellent tour of Sofia!Highly recommended!” 2 people found this review helpful I visited Sofia with a group of friends for 2 days and we decided to do the free Sofia tour in order to see the city. It was a great decision. Our guide Dima was really nice and friendly. Her command of English was great and she gave us really interesting information about the city and its history. I have done tours in some cities I visited however I can say that this tour was way better than everything I have done before. Before we took the tour, Sofia city didn't impress us. After the end of the tour we were really amazed by all these buidings we wouldn't have seen on our own. We also had the chance to learn about Bulgarian history and ask anything we wanted to know. We also had the chance to meet people from other countries and talk about our experiences from Sofia and traveling in general. After the tour we had a beer in a nice place with Dima and other people from our group. It is therefore a highly recommended way to see the city while having fun.
You spread so much enthusiasm around! thank you for a great tour!
Thanks so much it was real fun!!!
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