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"like walking next to a friend" Daniel knew a lot of cool, "local only" knowledge which was very fun. The tour was a good length and included art, architecture, history and fun facts about this city and its people. It is also a great source of info on where to go for good local food. If you are a big group I think it would be best to let them know in advance since we had a huge group show up which made the tour too big.
“Perfect” We took the tour with Daniel on Holy Friday. It was quite a large group, but he did a great job of projecting his voice, and at no point did we have to strain to hear him. We had lots of fun! Daniel has a degree in History and he is a native of Sofia, so his breadth of knowledge about the city is impressive. Our tour lasted a little over two hours, and we learned so much about Sofia and Bulgarian history. It was really was so informative and enjoyable that we also have been looking up other free walking tours in other cities. Definitely don't miss out on this!
“Great Experience” This was an excellent walking tour of central Sofia. Our guide, Vicky's love for Sofia and Bulgaria was evident as she showed us the city. We took the evening tour which was good. It was cold and raining but we all had a great time and learned more about central Sofia that we did from all the guide books we read. I highly recommend this tour as the starting point for a first time visit to the city. It is a great overview. We were invited to a pub crawl later. I am sure that would have been fun too but we were too cold and tired from the drive to go. The tour is free. Everyone left a tip.
“Your best way to start with Sofia!” Our guide Martin was extraordinary - wide and extensive history knowledge as well for the city and for Bulgaria. Excellent presenter with a sense of humor that makes the trip twice enjoyable. Although he claims he is doing this for only 3 months it was more like three years. There is a good amount (2-3 Hours) of walking so make sure you are ready. So if you are coming (or you are here already) to Sofia you should definitely start with Free Sofia Tour! You will be able to get a speed review of the city and mark extra sites you need to visit, plus you will avoid visiting places that are not worth it. Even if you have lived in the city for 20+ years, believe me you will be amazed of the thing you have not seen and you will learn at this tour :) Enjoy!
“Excellent tour” The tour was a great way to see the city and Dima, our guide, was full of information and historical facts. We happened to go on the tour on the first day in town which turned out to be a great way to identify museums and galleries to visit later. Sofia has such a rich history that we would have remained ignorant of, if not for the tour. Also the friendly atmosphere encouraged the members of the tour group to engage and connect with each other which made the tour very memorable and personal.
Thoroughly enjoyed the tour today! Viki, the guide, was fabulous and full of personality. Keep up the goo dwork and hopefully you'll grow as an organization! Love SOFIA!!!
Thanks again so much for the tour Nikola gave us today. We walked a lot under the rain but it was fun and it was worth it. Keep up the good work. It was nice meeting everybody else in the group. Safe journey to all of you.
“Number 1 thing to do in Sofia!” Wow!m great walking tour of most of major sights in Sofia, led by fluent English speaker Filip. Must be the greatest way to get a good solid intro to this city, punctuated with anecdotal stories, humor and exercise! Or tour lasted almost 3 hours but we were a crowd of almost 40 from all over the world. Not only was the tour very informative and fun but it was fun to meet others from other countries! Note the tour is free, but many of the guides are students so it is nice to give a tip. HIGHLY recommended!
“The best city tour ever” I travel a lot and in many cities I book a guided tour just to get more knowledge about the places I visit as the guidebooks are not enough. In Sofia the only option was 'Free Sofia Tour' and it was the best guided walking in my life. The best guide NIKI.
“Incredible! Best part of my trip.” I showed up in Sofia without any background knowledge of this city, so I figured this would introduce me. Not only did this great tour give me a historical context for what I was visiting, it showed me all the sites I would want to see over the course of my trip (including more than a few that weren't in the guide) and got me accustomed to the layout of the city. Our guide was enthusiastic, helpful and informative and ended up becoming our good friend, along with many others whom we met on the tour. This walking tour ended up being the best part of our trip, I'm sold for life and I'll do every walking tour I can in every city I visit from now on. If you can, join them for their Pub Crawl at night, as well, to see some of Sofia's contemporary culture in addition to the sites on the tour. This truly is an incredible organization with incredible guides, it really shaped my opinion on Sofia.
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