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Great Tour!! Thank You Radina! We learned so much about your beautiful city and you made it so much fun!
I liked that in 2 hours I saw enough for to get idea about this city. It was very useful because I learned many things, I listened interesting stories and had fun. Just sad that we saw buildings from outside but didn't have chance to see it form inside. Thanks for guides, this project is wonderful! :)
I do enjoy a good walking your, and this is one I recommend. I didn't know anything about the history of Sofia and the guide, Stefan had many facts and stories about the area! Each landmark we visited was accompanied by a wealth of information by Stefan, his English was spot on. He took us through 'tolerance square' which is a place with 4 different religious buildings! It was great to see the diversity and how it was accepted! We then saw the old communist HQ...which was an interesting sight, Stefan took us through the history of the buildings, which was an eye opener! I find a tour relies heavily on the attitude of the guide and he delivered the odd joke here and there! He instantly put the group into a positive mood! I definitely recommend this free tour, as he takes you through the major sights with a good understanding of the history...and has a great attitude! He knows the best places to go for nightlife and other past times! Very willing to answer questions! I'd say it's worth a cheeky tip! ;)
This was an amazing experience, even for me and I am local. I was there with a Czech friend and our guide - Daniel - had some very interesting stories about the creation and the history of the city. Also this is a great way to meet other tourists from all around the globe, who are visiting the Bulgarian capital at the same time.
The tour was fantastic, the guides are so friendly, professional and knowledgeable. It was a great way to get my bearings in Sofia and also enough information that I could decide which monuments I wanted to come back to and which ones I wanted to skip as I only had 1 day here.
Thank you Petya for the awesome/very informative free tour! Although I was dead sick that day and probably never looked interested or enjoying, but I did enjoy your tour:). I showed the Bulgarian dance you taught us to my colleagues on later day;).
I had never done a free walking tour before, but really enjoyed this one! Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and I would definitely recommend this to people who want a Sofia-crash course for a few hours when they arrive in the city!
We were lucky to have Martin as our guide, his enthusiasm and passion for his city inspiring. Loved the quirky city tales and offbeat tidbits of information. Thanks too to Martin for showing us a great local restaurant.
We had a very interesting tour with Filip - I can highly recommend this tour as it is not so easy to get any tourist information on a weekend - thanks Filip for your enthusiasm and your charming way to guide us through Sofia ;-)
I was in Sofia in March and that was the first time I heard about some free walking tours, so I decided to take one. The tour guide was Nikola and he's the one who's responsible for me falling in love with Sofia and free walking tours in general! It was fantastic, Nikola's english and sense of humor were great, the tour was simply perfect. If I could, I would give you six stars here!
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