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Let me start by saying that I am a mid-20s backpacker that typically stays away from group tours and typical touristy activities. That said, this tour is actually really cool. It is a great way to see the city from the eyes of a local. My tour guide, Niki, was from central Bulgaria and is a civil engineering student at the local university. He spoke great English, had an engaging and dynamic presence, and was very politically aware. He was able to offer valuable insights on the anti-government protests, the graffiti, and the general state of the Bulgarian political union. It was fascinating. The tour combines textbook history with funny anecdotes about politicians and key historical figures. I highly recommend this tour to anyone visiting Sofia.
You can't beat anything that's free, but this was also an excellent educational experience. Our guide Kris was very informative and provided quite a few insights into early Bulgarian history. We were surprised at the number of Roman ruins that are being preserved as "open museums," as well as the religious tolerance throughout history as displayed by the various churches, the mosque and synagogue all close to each other. We did the evening tour but would probably recommend the morning one so you can appreciate some of the features in daylight that are harder to see at night. The tour takes about 2 hours and is well worth your time.
In september we visited Sofia and Plovdiv with a group of 7 elderly Dutch couples. FST organised our whole trip, including transportation, restaurants, events, guides, walking tours, city tours, museums, train tickets, musicians, magicians, you name it...! They did a terrific job. We can't say how happy we were to have them with us during our stay. They provided lectures by young Bulgarian professionals, one an entrepreneur and the other one a young politician. If you want to meet "the next generation" in Bulgaria, then let them join you on your journey. They make a great team; they take care of you even for the smallest details and their enthousiasm and positive attitude make you leave the country with a very optimistic idea about its future. What a surprising experience it was...!!!
Hey, what can I say? I've been to Sofia more times than I would care to mention, but this time I did a walking tour. The Bulgarian-language tour wasn't on, unfortunately, but I was pointed to Free Sofia Tours by the concierge at the Sheraton, meeting point at the law courts. And that's where I ended up in Martin's group. A cartoon character? You might think he'd been drawn by Walt Disney but there he was in real life. Absolutely fantastic tour, authenticity to the end, his girlfriend and grannie were with us in spirit; sweets for right answers, but more than anything an example of the type of person that's going to get Bulgaria through the current political crisis. От сърце ти благодаря за този успешен ден и пожелавам на теб и на цялата народ успех за бъдещето ви. Cheers, mate. Have a good one.
Our guide for the morning tour was Daniel. A large group assembled at the meeting point and as another guide was late to appear, Daniel took all of us (more than 60 persons) to a delightful journey in the city. He made sure that we all could enjoy the knowledge he shared about the people and places we visited. About half time the other guide showed up to save Daniels voice. These guys are amazing and I thank you for investing your passion in this.
Absolute MUST in SOFIA! Thanks our guide MARTIN for AMAZING tour around Sofia! Recommend for everyone!!! In 2 hours you will see the best of Sofia!
This free city tour opened our eyes to the many attractions to this beautiful city. Our guide Nikki was entertaining as well as informative and ready to answer any questions. It is a gentle walk through the historic and interesting centre. It helped us decide which buildings, churches etc we wanted to return to later in the day. A must for any first time visitor to the city. On a hot day bring a bottle of water and sun protection.
If you do not know anything about Sofia and what to visit, this is a great choice. Good walking tour lasting more than 2,5 hours and excellent tour guide (Filip), who has presented the town, its history, culture, people on interesting way. Many thanks on this experience!
If you do only one thing in Sofia, choose this free tour. Our guide Marto was excellent and seemed to know everything there is to know about Sofia and its history. Very informative and entertaining. Highly recommended.
I saw the reviews on Tripadvisor and decided to take the trip. They have two trips - 11 am and 6 pm - and I took the 11 am one. The guide - Nikola - a music student who loves Sofia and history was just fantastic in his enthusiasm and knowledge - highly patient too! He even made us act out the history of the royalty of Bulgaria at one of the stops. Highly recommended as the first thing to do in Sofia to help you decide what you want to explore more. Did I tell you it is FREE? :-)
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