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Did this on March 23. Great way to get acquainted with the city of Sofia and to see the sights! Great for young and old alike!
Just returned from a great tour. Our guide, Viki, was kind, friendly and enthousiastic! She showed us a lot of nice places. And she also told us a lot about the history of Sofia. Whenever you are visiting Sofia, be sure to include the Free Sofia Tour!
I've known for the Free Sofia Tour for a couple of years now, but never gave it a thought, until I had to figure out how to show my home town to a colleague from the UK. And law and behold, there were these wonderful, young, enthusiastic, well educated and well spoken people that would donate 2 hours of their time to show you what a wonderful place Sofia is! I must say - I learned things about Sofia I never knew for 30 years in the place :) I would highly recommend this short, but funny, informative, engaging and eventful 2-hour walking tour. Well done guys - I am not easily impressed, but you did impress me! :) :)
I love to find out about cities I visit normally doing an open bus tour but on this occasion the walking tour was the only one available _ the other 3 people I was with seemed to want to do this, so I went along not looking forward to walking. I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised the tour guide Vicky was not only knowledgeable but very down to earth. I was very grateful that the walking was more of a gentle stroll. Great couple of hours had by all.
Just came back from the walking tour. Conducted by very competently and candidly by Vicky , a Law student cum Tour volunteer. The City came alive in a 2 hour trip. The history, the architecture and past rolled along with the rhythm of a modern thriving city. Sofia may not have the Eiffel Tower or the Colosseum, but thank God they have a great organisation to putting the soul in this fantastic City.If you have only a day in Sofia, take the tour.
A complete tour of the city centre where the guide guys tell you with so much entusiasm the history and describe the beauties of their city! I recomend to do it on the first day of visit and compliments to all the nice guys who give you this opportunity free of costs! Thank you guys!!! Aurelio
I've been to a couple of similar tours in the past and was a little dubious about it at first, I decided to give it a go because of the reviews I'd read on here. I was with my feyoncee and his mother who are both Scottish and this was their first visit to Sofia. I am originally from Sofia and though I knew the sights we got taken to, I knew little to nothing about their history. The tour was incredibly well presented, humorous and interesting. Considering that its free and the guides are volunteers makes it even more amazing. I'd strongly recommend it to anyone visiting the city of Sofia. Keep up the good work guys, we'll be back in summer with more of our pals:).
Dima, our nice tour guide, did her best, engaging us and with us, sprinkling humor, history, and a sense of pace, for an Excellent tour, under 2h. We were mostly youngish people, able to stand and walk for 2h; Dima made questions, upon which distributed token gifts about what we were seeing and the country/history; she was also always wiling to answer questions.
My name is Walter Bauer from New York City. I too am a tour guide at the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine in NYC. I took Niki's tour just last week at 11:00. I feel obliged to praise Niki for his fantastic tour of Sofia. As a history buff I was so very impressed with Niki's knowledge and erudition. His tour was not only very informative; it was great fun. I truly enjoyed having lunch afterwards with Niki and some of the travelers who had decided to stay on. Our conversations with Niki were absolutely stimulating. It's only been a week since this unforgettable experience and I already miss Sofia. This in large part was due to my tour experience. I wholeheartedly praise Niki and the walking tours in general and must add that Free Sofia Walking Tour is quite fortunate to have such an incredible guide such as Niki. I remain with overwhelming satisfaction. Truly yours, Walter Bauer
I highly recommend the Free Sofia Tour, which is a free walking tour of the central part of the city that lasts approximately two hours. I take the walking tours in each of the European cities I visit and I have say that it is one of the best. The guides are friendly and can really explain the history of Sofia and of Bulgaria over the centuries and take you several key points that you would have trouble finding without a local guide. Because the city does not have a Hop-on/Hoff-off bus, their service becomes even more valuable. There are two tours; an afternoon and evening tour - that cover the same locations, (both meet in front of the Palace of Justice by the two lions) and the tours last approximately two hours.
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