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I am not usually one for tour groups, but this free walking tour is terrific! Sofia was the stop on my trip that I knew the least about, so on a whim I decided to do the tour. I am so glad I did. This is a great group of young people who clearly love their city. It is a fun way to learn a lot of history (ancient and more recent) about the city, learn some insider info and a place from which to make choices about places you may want to explore more on your own. I certainly added a lot of spots to my visit list after this tour. Our guide Nora was sweet and provided a lot of information, met some nice people on the tour. I was really impressed and so glad I decided to do the tour. Sofia is a wonderful city and I wish I had planned for a few more days.
I enjoyed learning about the history of Bulgaria from our guide; the tour is a great way of finding out things that you'd miss when hanging around by yourself.
A great tour about Sofia, even if you live here, as I do. Recommended it to every guest I had and they loved it. All the best!
I missed the name of our tour guide as we arrived a but late and needed to find the tour. She was fantastic! Her knowledge was brilliant and the tour included many of the main sites. It was great and would highly recommend it for people who know little To know Bulgarian history, like myself!
My guide was Martin. He gas the best attitude and spirit. I enjoyed this tour very much. Very informative and fun.
An excellent tour which needs much support to increase its potential to attract tourism to Sofia and Bulgaria in general. The guides (mine was Alya) are very informed about their city and its history and get the tourists to actively engage in the experience (even in torrential rain conditions).
Nice tour guys, the guides were very friendly. We enjoyed our time arownd Sofia with them. Don't forget to tip at the end.
Joining this tour is the best way to get to know this city. In about 2 hours, you'd learn about the city, the history and the people in a fun and interactive way! When I had my tour, it was cold and raining, but the guide manages to kept everyone entertained and intrigued. The guide himself is very friendly and willing to answer extra questions for those curious to know more. We had a cool (and short) history lesson about the royal family, how the buildings came to be and why Sofia is named Sofia. A must do in this city!
What a great way to see the city! These guides work hard. They have an incredible amount of knowledge and are more than willing to give you a local perspective that you can't read off a plaque.
It was my first time in Sofia and I hope I come back... I must say as a professional Tour Guide with 16 years of experience that Viki was one of the best guide I've ever had. Knowledge & charisma = great tour. I also wanted to be a lawyer just as her but became a tour guide instead... She reminds me a bit of myself. I wish her the best !!! Thank you for being the best ambassador Bulgaria has. Thank you guys for a great tour. Jacob Bytton
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