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The free Sofia tour is a nice way to get to know city (or at least to get a good first impression). The tour takes about 2 hours, which is long enough see the city highlights without getting bored :-). Our guide Dima did a great job showing us around, Thanks for your enthusiasm!
Took two tours. In both the guides were great. They know a lot and share it. Their English is good. Their attitude is positive. The sights are great. The first was Sofia walking tour - within 2 hours you get orientation in history and geography - great... The second was a hike to Bohania church and a hike to the lake. The views are spectacular. However it is classified as "moderate" effort. I am 52 years old in good physical shape. If was very very hard. You walk up 550 meters (!!) up in altitude over 2Km... It is hard! You go down the same altitude over 6 Km... So- make sure you have good shoes, take water and enjoy if you are fit to it.
The guide was enthusiastic, the explanation was interesting and interactive, and the sights themselves are magnificent, especially after knowing a bit of their history. The guide was really successful in sharing his enthusiasm and love to the city. A must-go for everyone who wants to know a bit more on the city.
I did this about 3 years ago and may be this is the time to mention that I am a Bulgarian. The best of them all guides Boyko took us around, a small group, good weather amazing stories and a great history lesson of Sofia.I found some really good friends on the tour and kept in touch with Boyko who even attended our wedding 3 years later. If you were to find yourself in Sofia with a spare couple of hours - please go and do it. It's magical
We took an 11am tour and as there were quite a few people they made 2 groups to make the experience more personal. You learn so much about the history of Sofia, with some funny stories mixed in as well. You would not be able to find all of the sights on your own and you would be crazy to do it any other way! Absolutely great tour, I have paid for many tours that were not as good as this!! It was disappointing to see so few people make a donation at the end of the tour. They need these donations to continue the tour and although there were a lot of people clapping at the end of the tour, everyone just walked away. I thought it was very rude because it really is such a great experience.
We took this tour at 11am on Sunday 18th May. What a great way to see the city! There were two guides and quite a large group so we were split in half. Our guide was very informative. The tour itself was great, mixing in anecdotes about the city, traditions, historical information about the city and politics and a lovely tour. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly and her English was fantastic. There was even a little quiz along the way with sweets. It didn't hurt that it was a beautiful day! I thoroughly recommend this tour as you will get ideas of other things to see/do in Sofia and cover a lot of the city centre. Great tour, great guides! Thanks!
Very nice concept to discover the city! Thank you for the nice Sofia tour, Deni, I really enjoyed your guiding approach!
This is a tour on foot of the main sights in the city of Sofia. it lasts two and a half hours and is accompanied by a knowledgeable guide. It is a great way to orientate oneself. You are at liberty to leave the tour whenever you feel like it. The tour is free but donations are welcome to support the website. It is time well spent.
A few hours after our group showed up in Sofia, we were escorted by a new guide, Slavyan, and he gave us a terrific overview of the history of this city. Since we had called in advance with some information about our trip, Slavyan had already done research on the topic of interest to our group, and amended the tour to provide specific site-seeing and historical facts pertaining to our topic. It was an excellent first taste of Sofia, a city that you will no doubt learn to love after going on a Free Sofia Tour company trip. FYI for the 2.5 hour tour, a fine tip would be 10 lev (5 euros) and a good tip would be 20 lev (10 euros) per adult. These guides put a lot of effort and enthusiasm behind these tours, including work behind the scenes to prepare, so it's a good idea to tip them well. Have fun!
It was one of the best guided tour I ever attended! Philip was no ordinary guide and tried to make our experience fun and relaxing. It is definitely worth doing the tour, especially if you are in Sofia for a few days. You will get to see all important sights.
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