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Apologies if I got the guide's name wrong but she was an excellent guide who was very energetic from the start and kept us on our toes with questions, however, we were rewarded with sweets for the correct answers. I beleive we all learned a lot about both the history and culture of this city and country and now understand much more than when we all arrived, thanks to Dessi. The biggest compliment I can pay is that I was shokced to find that the 2hrs 20mins passed so quickly which is a credit to the guide, Long may these tours last and prosper so that us visitors can gain a better insight in to these wonderful countries we visit.
This tour is well organized and thought through. The guide is energetic and knowledgable. Unlike other free tour, they don't emphasize on "tips", instead, you can feel the passion toward their own country from this group of young people. They are purely passionate about telling the story of their city/country. My guide even put out a play in front of the royal palace to tell the story of the three state of Bulgaria and how they search for the Bulgarian king after liberated from the ottoman. Love it! Every tourist should go to this tour, period.
This tour is really nice! We walked to the most important places of Sofia, while we received a lot of good information about the city. I recommend!! ^.^
We really enjoyed the Free walking tour with Dima. The group was fantastic and we got very lucky with the weather. We managed to get a fantastic overview of Sofia and also bulgarian history within 2 hours and had a drink all together as a tour group in one of the little beer gardens in the centre of the city. I highly recommend this activity to anyone visiting Sofia.
Definitely a must! Would highly recommend it to anyone. The tour lasted 2.30 hours, our guide was lovely and was very informative. She took us through the centre and we got to see the main monuments. The guides are all volunteers. They love their city and you can feel it. Great experience.
It was a good tour, but having been on many Free Walking Tours, this one honestly was not the best. It is still be best thing to visit Sofia, but I wished the guide talked a bit more about Bulgaria's struggles and problems instead of only focusing on the positive things. I also would have loved to learn a bit more about contemporary Bulgaria. It is a good tour and I'm glad I went. I would still recommend it especially if you have limited time in Sofia.
We did the Sofia Free Walking Tour on our second day in Bulgaria. This was a great introduction to the most popular landmarks in the city. In addition to seeing all the sights, our guide was able to tell us about the history of Sofia. The tour lasted about 2 hours, which was perfect - not too long or too short. The best part of the tour was getting to see the changing of the guard!
My wife (originally from Bulgaria) and I want to loudly and enthusiastically applaud the Free Sofia Tour group, and especially, our guide Niketsa (Niki) for the excellent, interesting and caring job he did on June 19, 2014 on the 11 a.m. tour!!! We are based in Los Angeles, and I have been to Bulgaria thrice thanks to my wife. We visited Sofia every time we came, but never got such a thorough 'introduction' to this city until we met Niki. From the start, Niki was friendly, professional and organized, along with a wonderful combination of being knowledgeable, humorous and balanced. Regarding his humor, he was able to successfully tell us much of Bulgaria's darker history with a lighter touch; he still conveyed the gravity of the history without making it too emotionally heavy or light. Regarding his balanced narrative, he was able to consistently present the pros and cons of political history and the current situation without favoring one side. (In our opinion, Dessie from Plovdiv's tour group, could borrow one of Niki's techniques to add to her interesting tour). From Niki's face, voice, and demeanor, we felt that he truly wanted to be there with us, that he was not waiting to 'finish a job and go home', and that while he acknowledged flaws within a country/city, he still ensured that us visitors got to experience the beauty and excitement of this wonderful country and city! We were truly moved and impressed by the fact that Niki does this as a volunteer! Even though he reminded everyone that this is a free tour, we absolutely wanted to give him a donation for his excellent work! We have paid money for far less impressive tours elsewhere, and as a result, we are doubly in awe of Niki's skill, dedication and love for this passion of his! We URGE all of you out there: if you are visiting Sofia, PLEASE start your visit with a tour through this wonderful group of people. It will be a treat to get you started! THANK YOU, Niki (Niketsa), all the way from Los Angeles, California!
I went on the walking tour today led by Petya. She is a fabulous guide, informative, has a sense of humour and is passionate about her work. My husband and I thought it was time well spent and later retraced the walk, going into churches etc,. Petya was very helpful. When asked she recommended a good place to have currency converted, one that she uses. She also informed us of other activities we could do.
We joined the free tours in the city with Chris and it was great. Learned so much about the city while having fun. The tour at the mont vitosha with Atonia was really outstanding. Although it was 8km and took 5 hours, our young daughters (11 and 14) enjoyed it a lot. This organization that aims to provide free tours is doing a great work and we are happy to recommend it to others. Number one event in the city of Sofia.
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