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Very nice tour, cool tour guides, learned a lot of things about the city and the country. Definitely recommend!
Not easy to describe a 6000 years old in 3 hours, however the guide of the tour managed very well. Ideal for young travellers, never boring, many useful as well as historical info. Best way to learn about Sofia.
We took the 11am tour. The tour guide, Anna, was fun and knowledgeable about the city. My sister-in-law, a fellow Bulgarian from Sofia, even learned a few things. Would definitely recommend this tour.
Will help you get acquainted with the city and find your bearings. We met two of the guides, both Chris, one male and one female, both extremely friendly, both speak very clear English. Chris (Le Male) was our guide for two to three hours. Took us to the most interesting of places and gave out lots of info. Very interesting, very informative. Good pace, not tiring. Lots of walking. Mostly young people in their 20's but I did not feel out of place. My teenage daughter enjoyed it too. Some facts given are not found in guide books. Highly recommended. Will do it again in Sofia and in other cities or countries.
We did the Free Sofia Tour today and it was excellent. The tour is well paced and our guide Fillip was extremely knowledgable and presented the information in an interesting and fun way. We learnt a lot about the city of Sofia whilst seeing many of the important landmarks. I would highly recommend this to other visitors.
The tour guide was charming and humorous, it takes only 2 hrs but it does include most of the attractions
For sure this is the best way to have an overview of the city, and its history! And after doing that you can come back to the places you liked the most and visit it and know discover more about it by yourself :) The guides are all very friendly and you feel very comfortable to participate, ask and share things. Don't miss it!!! Include it in your Sofia schedule :)
I have now done over 8 free tours in Europe. I highly recommend them in concept. The guides tend to be better and more enthusiatic than guides on higher cost paid trips. Plus the tours have a lot of walking which I prefer to sitting on a bus. Plus there is a higher level of energy in general. While there was some of all of that on the Free Sofia Tour, I would say it wasn't as good as free tours in Prague, Krakow and Budapest which I thought were a level above this tour. However, this still was an excellent few hours and I would recommend it as a good way to get an overview history and guide to Sofia.
We got out of the bus, wandering around the city with no idea what to see and then we just saw it - Free Sofia Tour logo. We asked if we can join the team and the adventure started! Our guide was Ana. The trip was very intense - we saw many monuments, landmarks and other historical buildings. Ana told us many things and answered questions that we asked. There were also few contest for trip attendants so You could win something :D Very nice time, beautiful city with many interesting places to visit. If you are here for the first time - just join the team! Guide will do the rest for you ;-)
This was the absolute best experience I've ever had on a city tour! The tour guide was not only knowledgable but made history fun! She (I wish I remembered her name) was very enthusiastic and ensured all of us are having a great time while sightseeing and learning about the historic sites and events. She was encouraging questions and discussions, plus, she came up with fun games that made the experience even better! The tour covers the main attractions of Sofia and is very well organized! On top of all of that... It's free!!! I've paid a lot of money for tours that weren't even half as good as this one! Thank you, "Free Sofia Tour", for the wonderful experience!
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