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All of the tour guides are very good but if you get the chance do go on Dima's tour! I have been coming to Sofia for a number of years, but had never been on a tour. Silly me! TAKE PART!! You will get to see many of the major attractions and sights that are within a short walking distance of the Courthouse. Even if you already know some Bulgarian history you are bound to learn some new things, and if you can answer a guide's question then you'll get a Tutti Frutti sweeti as a reward. (Question Hint: Don't be late for your tour, they're a prompt lot these Bulgarians.) Dima was very knowledgeable, took good care of the group, and made sure everyone was just fine both during and at the end of the tour. Lot's of energy made for a fun time!
The guides on this walking tour were full of energy and they're passion for the city shown through. The way the history of the sites was told made it very interesting and not drag. The tour lasted about 2 and a half hours and the only problem was that the end of the tour was in a completely different part of the city and it was dark so it made it difficult to find our way back
This is a reeeeally great tour- I'm surprised how one can have so much energy after repeating the story over and over again. Our guide was Niki and the thing I liked the most was when he organised role-playing. Overall, don't miss this if you're in Sofia.
We were a group of 25. Our guide was Alya. She was very charismatic narrator with fluent English. In the tour there were urban legends, interesting historical facts and funny stories. I fully enjoyed it.
I really liked it as the our tour guide (Dino) was very enthusiastic and energetic. Must do tour as the best way to get introduced to the city's main attractions. Would recommend to do it before seeing anything else as this tour gives an idea of where to go and what to do.
This is a great way to start your visit to Sofia. The tour guides are friendly and knowledgeable and the tour covers all of the major sites in the central part of the city. After this tour, we were completely comfortable exploring on our own.
Hi, just came back from a short trip to Sofia. I got some free time to spend and joined to the free walking tour of Martin. Really enjoyed his explanations about all the places that we went. He is a real charmer and has a lot of knowledge which he pass to all his team with a lot of charisma - thanks a lot Martin!!
I loved the attention the tour guide spent to me and my friend. I was accompanying one f my best friend who is America, and she thought that the tour was worth it. In only under 3 hours we got to hear all about the history of the city and the whole country. The experience I got and the knowledge were on a way higher level than during my PAID tour of Istanbul! Definitely worth it!
This tour takes around 2 hours and you will see the main building and historic sites in the city centre. My tour was led by Viki who was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. There are some roman remains in obscure places underneath roads that would take a long time to find on your own. I recommend this tour if you're on a short trip, or at the start of a longer one to get your bearings. There were a mixture of people on the tour from couples and families to solo travellers. After the tour, Viki led a group of us to a recommended restaurant where a few of us stayed for food and drink (but unfurtunately not Viki). Sadly I didn't get the name of the restaurant. They do invite donations at the end, but there was no pressure to donate.
The tour was OK, a little to long and the information was a bit dull (in comparison to other tours that I took in other places).
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