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I suggest you to start your Sofia experience with this tour great guides, very enthusiastic, vast knowledge of the city and Bulgarian history. it's a wonderful way to get acquainted and oriented with the central attractions. the following day you can, as we did, to return for longer time for your favorable locations. the time flew by very quickly, we enjoyed it very much. highly recommended
Great tour guides and very interesting historical facts . The best way to learn about this lovely city
If there is a good walking tour, than this is the one! Our guide Niki (sry if I misspell :*) new exactly how to keep the crowd active and how to give you just enough facts spiced up with local stories. Only high five and max points :)
Tours start daily at 11 am and 6 pm in front of the Department of Justice building citty corner across from McDonalds. We had a great guide Dino (actor by night) who had a great delivery, a great sense of humor and passionate enthusiasm for Bulgarian history and his city. The tour covers the main highlights of the city. It move along at a good pace. Dino was open to answering questions and did not rush anyone. One of the best walking tours we have ever taken anywhere. The tour is free but how can you not tip someone who does such a great job!
Went on the 11am tour, which was good. We were quite a large group, around 50 people, and only had one guide which made asking questions/moving around kind of difficult. A friend said he had done the tour a month earlier and they had split a group of 60 into 2 which would have been nicer, but I think we went during tourist off season so they had fewer guides available. It's a great tour to see the outside of most touristy places, and make note of where you'd like to come back to explore in more detail. Definitely one of the better free walking tours I've been on in Europe, but I could have been more engaged had the group been more manageable.
Really recommend doing this. You get to see a lot of Sofia in a short space of time. Plus get told stories behind the city and get your questions answered. The person leading the tour was good, making it fun and entertaining even though the weather wasn't.
The tour is a great way to have a glimpse of all that Sofia has to offer, being a city with such a long history and so many interesting cultural things and sights. Try to get it in the first day(s) of your stay in Sofia, and you can also take advantage of the tour to begin to get familiar with the place. If you have more time, go more than once, as each guide have their own insights on what they show to us. (:
was completely suprised about the excellent guiding. All questions answered, very interesting performance, lots of information. Didn't expect to much about Sofia and the tour itself and was wrong. Both, city and "Sofia on tour" were excellent. And - don't forget to tipp at the end!
During our month's vacation we did about 4 walking tours in many cities and this was by far the one I liked the most. The guide was extremely enthusiastic and really knew how to show the city and its landmarks.
U get to see the main attractions of the center of Sofia with an explanation of its cultural history! A must do :)
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