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Our guide was great and got around and spoke to almost everyone in our very large group. Gave us a well informed tour of the city and a brief history of the country. Sofia is a popular stop on the way to Istanbul so this is a very good condensed tour for those flying through (even though Bulgaria is amazing and you should definitely stay for longer than you planned!) Well worth it.
Visiting the Free Sofia Tour was a great pleasure and a really interesting way to learn a lot more things than expected about my own home town. The guide, Vasko, was absolutely knowledgeable, answered all the questions of the visitors and at the end directed a really funny role play performance to show us the Bulgarian history of the past century. If you are local it is a great way to learn many facts about Sofia and Bulgaria you probably didn't know, and if you are foreign visitor, the whole tour will keep you busy listening to so many interesting stories without overshooting you with redundant historical facts.. I strongly recommend the tour to anyone visiting Sofia as it is probably the best way to explore the city.
It was a great walking tour that took us all over downtown Sofia and to all the major sites. When I lived in Bulgaria years ago, I would see these places and I knew a little bit about each one but our guide was able to really dig into the history of these spots and how it all falls into the overreaching history of the country. Entertaining, informative, and yes, there was some interactive role playing on the part of the walkers to learn the history of the modern rulers. A great way to see and learn about the main historical sites in the city. Highly recommend.
Great tour. Our guide Martin made amazing walking around the center if Sofia. An attitude he uses for talking story is really fun. He doesn't overload people with scientific history, instead of it he arranges theater's performance. Take a few people from the visitors and resign them historical character, like kings. After that a history of Bulgaria learns very easy. Also he arranges some quizzes with the questions like: "what is the purpose of this building?" And gives candy for whom answered correctly. So it was amazing and I definitely suggest you to take part in it =)
This isn't an all inclusive tour. It's a tour that gives the history of a few sites (from the outside). It gives you some tips of the town and some cute little anecdotes. My husband and I like to walk around a city or take public transportation. This tour helped us to fgure the city out a little ____where things are in relation to one another. We also went back to see the sites from the inside that were shown on the tour. If you're over 50, wear your sneakers___you can do it! It's well worth your time
The walking tour was great: the guide was very knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic. I think that the tour would be pleasant for both those that have deep passion for history as well as visitors simply driven by curiosity. Interesting stories, landmarks that I may have otherwise missed, great atmosphere. Highly enjoyable. You also get candies if you answer some questions :)
It was a brilliant tour. The guide was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. There was so much information interestingly told. I definitely recommend it
Funny, entertaining, knowledgeable, elaborate... You cannot ask for more from a free tour. I have been to many free tours around Europe and this one shines. I took my foreign friends (who were staying with me while in Sofia) to the Free Sofia Tour and I was so nicely surprised to go on one of the best tours back home:)
This tour is well worth taking. The guides are excellent and the sights are fascinating. You'll spend 2.5 hours listening to interesting stories, seeing the main attractions in the center of the city. I'd encourage you to do the tour upon arrival and use it to decide what you want to do with the remainder of your time in Sofia. The guides are friendly and knowledgeable and are happy to answer your questions about navigating the city, etc.
Went with my coworkers and had an amazing time. Our guide, Niki, was very knowledgeable about Sofia and very accommodating. Thank you
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