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Besides info about Sofia, I got new friends, new information about other people living, their thoughts, and why they like traveling. After this tour, parts of Sofia city make some sense to me, nit just a buildings. And this is the best I think.
I really enjoyed two hours with the Free Sofia Tour. What a great way to see Sofia and learn the background and history behind the major landmarks. Martin, our guide was very knowledgable and great fun. He made a clear effort to talk individually to everyone on the tour and make sure no one felt on the fringes. He also gave a few of us a great recommendation for a place to go on to eat afterwards. Wrap up warm though!
Or sixteen, or fourteen major sights you will pass by on this free walking tour. Of course no visits, that would take a couple of days. They start at 11 am, at the palace of justice: rain or snow or sunshine,, it does not matter. It is full of fun and joy, questions are asked and a correct answer gets a candy! Lots of fun at the mineral springs, where somebody asked if the water is bottled and sold by the supermarket for a dollar. A local citizen was upset and hurried to explain that, according to the Holy Bible, water is always for free... A play at the end of the tour! And a picture of the group to be put on their facebook wall.... Don't underestimate more than 2 hours walking, it is tiring indeed. Don't go on Sunday, too many walkers. And do give a tip; the money is used for further development of the project. Thank you Nora, for guiding us!
Amazing tour!! I will stay for 3 days in Sofia and the tour was the perfect way to start my stay in Sofia! Really nice and helpful guide too, Kristina :D
Very enjoyable experience. Highly recommend it! The guide, Kristina, was very friendly and cheerful girl. Even though, I am originally from Bulgaria, I didn't know many of the things she shared with us, and thus, I was very satisfied with the experience. At some point of the tour, she also came up with a short game in order to make the history more fun.
We are so happy we took this tour. Our guide, Niki, was really great and easy to understand. He also seemed to really enjoy meeting people and giving the tour. We recommend doing this when you're in Sofia. It doesn't take that much time and its an easy walk.
Our guide, Chris, knew so much about the city and its antecedents! He integrated the pre-Roman, Roman, Ottoman, medieval and Russian eras, along with Bulgaria today. I hope I'm not making it sound boring, because it was light-hearted, fun and fascinating. My son-in-law, a Roman archaeologist, found it all accurate but at an approachable level for the rest of us. We supported this nonprofit organization at the end of the tour, ad plan to use it two days from now when we go to our next Bulgarian city, Plovdiv, on Friday.
It was very popular when we went on it in mid-October, with around 15 people from around the world, and it lasted a good two hours, until 8pm. We saw all aspects of the city’s fascinating historical past: from the Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman, to the Communist era. Our guide, the incredibly smart, confident, and vivacious Victoria, is so passionate about what she does and an absolute fountain of knowledge! With her we discovered the latest underground archaeological discoveries, symbols hidden in walls, and some magical thermal springs! It was great and this on-hand, face to face experience made us understand a lot more about the city than you can get from a documentary or guidebook.
We did the tour, guided by Kristina, friendly and nice girl. The tour was good, learnt a lot about the Bulgarian capital, it's history, main sights and so on. Beautiful place with rich history, presented by young and knowledgeable people. Highly recommended!
A great way to discover the city centre of Sofia and its history, as well as to meet other people when you travel alone. Our guide was really nice. I also recommend the Sofia Green Tour (haven't tried the bike tour).
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