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We took the free city tour with Slavyan on Friday evening. From start to finish (2 hours) he was extremely friendly, interesting and highly informative. He included role playing and question time to keep everyone involved. The sights of the city itself are all very centrally located so we didn't have to walk far to enjoy a brilliant introduction to this beautiful city. This comes very highly recommended from me.
I did the general walking tour with Dessi and the Communist walking tour with Stefan. I must say that during my whole life I claimed to everyone that I hated tourism and doing touristic stuff. I'm still like that, but I open an exception to those walking tours which were one of the unique greatest touristic experience of my life. Congrats guys
The guide was very helpful and informative. Funny and knowledgable. It was a great experience for me and my seven friends. Highly recommended!!
I've joined this tour several times, with guests coming to visit Sofia. Each time I find it so informative, so well-told, by knowledgeable guides - I'm really happy there's such a high quality tour of our capital. Congrats to the guys. If you are coming to Sofia, even not for the first time - join the tour, you will learn TONS about Sofia.
Slavyan our tour guide excelled, his enthusiasm was as ever very contagious. A really enjoyable two hour invigorating stroll through the city streets. His knowledge of the city was second to none fresh and informative.
This was a great tour of Sofia. I was very thankful that this tour runs twice daily, once in the morning and once later (at 18:00). My friends and I were only here for a day and a half so we were excited to jump on the later tour the day we got there. I had no idea the city contained so much history. The tour was structured well and organized logically. Though it was Simone's third tour, she did a great job and I was very happy she was my guide. The tour was 2 hours long which was the perfect duration for me and I felt that I saw what I needed/wanted to see.
Can't believe such a service is provided free of charge ? You cannot possibly spend 2.5 hours in a more rewarding way if wanting to see Sofia and learn it's history. Daisy was brilliant and her enthusiasm plus knowledge kept me attentive and entertained. Don't miss it
Awesome tour! You get a great overview. Sofia is such a beautiful city. I would recommend the tour for sure!! Keep up with this good job!!!
I took the free sofia tour and the culture tour. Both were interesting in their own way. But what makes it more interesting for me is the passion the guides put into telling their stories. The free sofia tour seems more finetuned than the culture tour. However, although the culture tour needs some work to make it more cohesive. I find this tour a lot more fun due to the interactive element. Keep up the good work!
Greatest surprise as I had no expectations when joining the tour after seeing a flyer at the hotel. A complete walking tour through the main Sofia sites with lots of information and fun, nice atmosphere, excellent guide (Nikola). Highly recommended!
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