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I am in Sofia to work for my company and so i dont have much time during the day to see Sofia. A colleague suggested the free walking tour, so I went on the 6pm tour today. The tour guide was Niki. He spoke very clear english and also was very clear on explaining the bulgarian language and translating between the two. He gave a great introduction to Bulgaria and was very knowledgable at each of the sights we visited. The tour ran til just after 8pm, but it didnt even seem like it had been 2 hours, as the information and the sights were very fascinating. The tour enabled me to see much more of the city and learn about the city in those 2 hours, than if i had have bought books and spent a couple of days just walking around etc. Niki was also very helpful with any questions that didnt relate specifically to the tour. The tour is free, and tips are welcome, but at the end, Niki didnt even have to mention if anyone would like to give a tip as everyone already had money ready to give The tour has made me want to see and do even more in Sofia, possibly even return for a short break :)
We wanted to view the city and history and this 3 hour walking tour was ideal, you dont cover a great distance (you could walk it in 20 mins without stopping) but Alex was brilliant with her knowledge of the City and its history. She even dealt with the borderline ridiculous questions from people in a very professional manner ! This is absolutely something you should do whilst in Sofia !
Don't hesitate! Do it! It's a great experience and a unique chance to learn Sofia's and Bulgaria's history during a 2-hour walking tour around the most popular monuments. Our guide Alexander, was fantastic, very well informed and ready to give us some really useful tips for the city. The tour is ideal if you don't have much time in the city. It's not tiring at all and you an choose between morning or afternoon tour, as the tour runs twice a day, 365 days per year!
I've been to Sofia several times and have done different tours, but Nora really blew them all away! She has great energy and filled our tour with history and stories that I'd never heard before. Truly a font of information and her passion for her city shines through her energy. Totally recommend the Free Sofia Tour and try to get with Nora's group if you can! Mnogo blagodariya!
It is very nice tour, its free but at the end you can give if you want I saw all people enjoy the tour but many did not even give tip I encourage people to support this tour it was 2 hours walking experience I travel alot and was my FIRST TIME with a free tour take an UMBRELLA just in case it rains please mark you liked the review since I don't get paid for doing this and the only motivation is to know I am helping others
This year around Europe we did 4 free walking tours including this one (Amsterdam, Bruges, Brussels) and I must say that I was pretty impressed by the fact that Bulgaria's tour was the second best of all. The guide, Dino, was very funny and thrilled about his city. He gave us the opportunity to know a lot more about the city and its history. In my opinion it is the best way to discover some of a country's culture and to learn about it. This is why we did so many walking tours this year. I haven't done any paid tour because free is better then paid, but also because I think the energy behind a free tour is not the same as in a paid one. Dino, our guide was making funny jokes while giving out information about Sofia. There's a reason the tour is no. 1 and I'll let you discover by yourself
My hubby and I have just moved to Bulgaria to live and thought it was important we leRn about the countries history. We could not have chosen a better way to do so! You start the tour at the Palace of Justice at 11am or 6pm ( the building with 2 huge lions in front ) and as we were a large group as per an earlier review we were split into 2 small groups. Our guide Nikki was fantastic and explained everything in a way that kept us interested for the full 2 hrs 30 mins. The walking is at a steady pace not needing a lot of exertion and you get to appreciate the beautiful buildings you may otherwise miss. As the main buildings and monuments are in a reasonably compact Area it's easy to get your bearings for a visit back to any of them on your own for a longer viewing. We are looking forward to the Communisim walk tomorrow.
This tour was excellent - it was a great introduction to the city and I learnt a lot as our guide Dessi was very knowledgeable and friendly. I would recommend that this is the first item on any visitor's itinerary - you don't actually go in to any of the attractions, but you can always go back later to explore them in more detail yourself after the tour has finished. The tour was at good pace and as the city centre is compact, there's not too much walking involved. Highly recommended!
This is a great tour for getting your bearings and learning about a great city. I nearly didn't go as it we had torrential rain and I thought nobody would venture out. As it happens a huge amount of people turned out and we were split into 2 groups. I had the great pleasure to be in the group being led by Kris, who was professional, spoke excellent English and was very funny and knowledgeable - I didn't experience the other guides but Kris was outstanding (I've been on many similar tours in other cities and he has to be one of the best). This is a free tour but donations are accepted but not expected - give what you think it's worth!
Take advantage of this free tour in Sofia. I learned about it from my hotel's staff. It is about two hour walk to most famous religious, historical, and political buildings. It jumps start your visit by briefly tour these places after which you may back to them for detailed visit. Niki, our tour guide, was very helpful and knowledgeable during this short trip. In addition, it is a good work out after walking two hours. I recommend it for every tourist in Sofia.
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