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Our guide Nikki was very pleasant and friendly. We had fun. He gave us a lot of tips about this city. He explained us the main historical part of the town with full of details. We had great pleasure to participate in this walking tour and learnt a lot about the history and culture. We highly recommend this walk.
For over 2 hours our great guide Dessi manage to give tons of helpful and interesting information about the city and bulgarian history, i highly recommend it to everyone, there's nothing better that being introduce to a city by locals. Thank you
I turned up at 5pm expecting only a few other tourists as it was late in the day. There was actually closer to 50 people waiting. Because of the large number of tourists it was necessary to bring in a second guide and split the groups causing a slight delay. The guide for my group was Dino. He is a knowledgeable, charismatic, entertaining man with plenty of anecdotes and jokes to tell along the way. His spoken English was excellent. Sofia isn’t a visually attractive city like Prague or Budapest, so it really needs a guide with a lot of knowledge of the history and culture of the city to keep you occupied and informed as you proceed along the tour. I found the length of the tour and the pace just right. I would recommend other Sofia visitors take this tour as the first excursion as it gives a good insight to some of the major attractions in the centre of the city, which you can then go back and visit at your leisure.
This free 2-hour walking tour gave us a a wonderful overview of Sofia during our first day in the city. Our guide, Simona, proved to be professional, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. She worked at getting everyone in our 17-member group actively involved by asking questions along the way, such as what is the national animal of Bulgaria. (Lion) She gave a candy to the first person with the correct answer. After a young woman answered the first three questions correctly, Simona asked how she knew so much about Bulgaria. The response: "I'm Bulgarian." We all laughed and Simona, in a good natured manner, disqualified her from answering upcoming questions. The tour focuses on Sofia's history and central area (cathedral, mosque, archaeological sites, court of justice, national theatre, etc.). It involves much walking as well as ascending and descending many steps. Participants can leave at any time. No reservation is required.Those interested simply show up at the designated time -- 11 a.m. for the morning walk or 6 p.m. for the evening departure -- in front of the court of justice. Simona was impossible to miss at the meeting point. She held a large sign and watched for participants. A second guide stood with her to form another group if a large number showed up. More than 30 arrived for this evening walk, so we divided into two groups. Though the tour is free, participants are invited at its beginning to give a donation at the end to the organization that operates the tours. There is absolutely no pressure to contribute. We happily did so at the conclusion of our tour. The Free Sofia Tour runs twice daily, 365 days a year, regardless of weather. We found it to be a great investment of our travel time.
Great tour with Slavyan, who kept going despite the rain. Interesting facts and information about the history, the culture and the food. You don't get bored and you can participate very easily. Also, as every tour, it's a great way to meet people. :)
Did the free tour in Plovdiv & enjoyed it thoroughly. The Sofia tour was just as enjoyable. Nadia was our guide & this tour was actually her final exam to become official. I'm sure she will pass because she was enthusiastic & energetic & knowledgable, with a good sense of humor. I especially liked the little skit with the volunteer tourists to introduce the history of Bulgarian royal history. I wish all major cities have such tours for tourists instead of tourists just wandering around & missing out on important sites & information.
I was really pleased to have taken this tour. Our guide Slavyan was extremely knowledgable and very entertaining. He showed us some very nice parts of the city and was enthusiastic. I would definitely recommend taking this tour and if you can, try and find Slavyan. He's outstanding!
It is a great tour presented by nice group of people donating their free time. It is worth giving a donation to the guide. I was disappointed to see some of the people walked away as soon as the tour finished. On our first afternoon we walked the Sofia old town randomly with map in our hand trying to capture much as we can. When got to the hotel the receptionist pointed out this Free Walking Tour. Next morning we joined the tour at 11am. The guide was full of information and our second visit to most of this sites made so much sense with running commentary. The tour start at 11am and 6pm outside Court of Justice on Vitosha Boulevard. It is nearly two and half hour.
Free Sofia Tour is provided by a team of young, knowledgeable, enthusiastic people who have the right approach to acquaint foreigners with the most beautiful and interesting places in Sofia The team is very responsive and flexible to meet the requests of clients. Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the city and the company of Free Sofia Tour team!
Sofia has such an interesting history, as does all Bulgaria, and this is a great way to get a close-up introduction to some of the main historic and cultural sites. The tour is 2-2 1/2 hours but it really did not seem that long. It could get a little warm in mid-summer and the opposite in mid-winter, but our tour in May was delightful.
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