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If you only have one day in Sofia, this is a must do. This amazing company runs free tours twice a day, every day. The tour guides all speak good English (from what I've experienced) and are very knowledgable on the parts of the city they're showing you and the history of the country. I went by myself and met many people from all around the world! It was quite enjoyable and I loved learning more about the monuments I walk by everyday. MUST DO while you're in Sofia.
I've been to the tour with Nora, which were very informative, funny and enthusiastic. Best thing I've done in Sofia and I would recommend this tour for anyone who visit the lovely City of Sofia.
Our guide, Alex, was very knowledgable and really brought some of the city's long history to life Definitely recommended as it's so informative rather than just walking around and looking at the sights without really understanding what you're looking at!
Totally worth it. Learnt the history, saw the landmarks and its free! Great guide.too!
Thank you Vicky for the nice tour of Sofia.
This is a great way to orientate and get to know Sofia. Filip, our guide, was very enthusiastic, knowledgable and friendly. His love for the city shone through the way he told the group of all nationalities the facts and history of the place. I think this tour is a must if you want a potted view of the city or if you want to look for places to visit at your leisure later. You are not forced to make a donation (no pressure whatsoever) but you feel you want to. How good is that?
We had a fantastic evening walking tour with Alex(andra) and learnt a lot of fascinating details about the town, country and live of people past and present. Re-enacting the succession of the Bulgarian Monarchy was a nice touch that helped us remember things. She was a great guide and the whole organisation was good. We paid 10Euro each as our choice and based on recent experience of similarly good tours in EU cities; but you could have walked away without paying if you wanted to.
This was an informative, cheap, and efficient way to visit all the major sights in the Sofia city center. Our guide was knowledgeable (although some of the historical bits went on too long) and timed the tour right to see the changing of the guards at the President's Building.
Thank you for an excellent tour last Thursday. Filip was a great guide and I had a lot of fun. Highly recommended!
As I’ve announced to travel to Sofia most of my friends asked why I’m going to visit that city? Having seen most of the European capital cities, Sofia was one missing city in my travel portfolio. I’ve searched for a guidebook of Sofia but that’s really though. All in all Sofia is not a very touristic city. So I’ve searched in the Internet what to do and found that free sofia tour. That was THE Highlight of our journey, retrospectively. Our tour guide was Anna. She is awesome, very smart and an entertaining girl. Keep in mind that the city has not the attractions like Rome, Berlin, London or Paris. Even in my hometown Munich with equal numbers of citiziens (1,4 million) there are much more famous attractions (host of olympic games 1972, BMW, Oktoberfest, city of beer, Hofbräuhaus, soccer club FC Bayern München, and much more....) So it becomes more substantial how you present your city. Anna did it with very much pleasure to her hometown. It was more like strolling with your friends through the city and have some joking fun. She also speaks very good, clear and fluent English. As I’ve a lot to do with native speakers in my business I didn’t notice any accent in her speech (maybe native speakers will). This is not self-evident in Sofia. Try to buy some French fries at the American fast food company with the golden M in Sofia and you will know what I mean. Sofia is a city of contrasts. Have a look at the central station of Sofia (not part of the tour) which is the first impression for many visitors. Sorry- but it is that much scabby that it becomes some sort of attraction (June 2015). On the other hand you’ll find in the city pompous architecture of communism, historic sites (part of the tour) or modern west architecture. Many things seem since many years under construction and not coming to an end. Furthermore you have a huge differential in education. As Bulgaria is a poor country (just have a look at the GDP or average income) I could imagine that most higher educated people striving abroad to gain higher wages. All the better is that there are some young, driven, educated people in Sofia, loving their city and showing it with passion to the visitors in their free tours. Sofia is a city with potential and I can recommend that free tour absolutely! It is an attraction by itself.
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