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Funny and interesting tour around Sophia!! Especially our lead guide Martin!! Recommended!!
Led by University students, this walking tour is unbelievable; and it's free! You will spend 2 to 2 1/2 hours touring the historic area of Sofia with a guide fluent in English (our choice) who gives history, interesting facts, color, culture, and entertaining vignettes about the city. The tour runs 365 days a year (another unbelievable feature) and leaders divide the crowd into manageable tour groups for ease of travel. Don't miss it!
Informative and fun information delivered by our guide Alex. With 30 pax turning up the group was divided into two and off we went. There is not a lot to see in Sofia or so I thought before the tour. Don't miss it or you will have wasted a great attraction. Would be well worth EUR 20 or even more.
Perfect and funny tour. The best thing to do in Sofia at 11, we do the standar tour in maybe two hours. They've other interesting tours like teh Comunist tour, but we don't have enought time to do it... If we return to Sofia sure we will do it
This was the first time I joined a free tour and I must say the free tour is amazing. I have joined one cutural tour and one free walking tour, both of them are great. Tour guides named Kristina and Kris are nice and professional. They are both native Bulgarian and introduced us the true side of the country. They did a great job and I highly recommended people who are new to the country join any kind of free tour!
Sofia is an ancient city. More ancient that one would think. It takes a good experieced guide to show the visitors the intricacies of the old remains, and the various plans as they have been changing over the millennia of time. If you like antiquities, visit the Archaeological museum, right across from the Presedent's Office in the center. There are many parks , as well. Old houses, and churches. the oldest dating to the 4th century.
We went on three walks: "General","Cultural"and "Communist". Passionate, eloquent and knowledgeable guides. Best way to learn about Sofia. We were very impressed.
Tour guide was very good with a lot of experience, knowledge and love for Sofia. I fall in love with Sofia through the walking tour. Highly recommended.
We often use hop-on hop-off bus tours to get our bearings in new cities but this was much more fun and more informative. Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable guides who take pride in their city and country's culture. Although a 'free' tour, show your appreciation with a reasonable tip at the end. Ian & Joy Moore, UK
We did the 6 pm tour and it was very informative and gave a fresh perspective to the centre of Sofia. Done in English with many nationalities. You learn so much and then you can go back later to explore what attracted you. One point : We had already done 4 hours walking when we joined up so we were exhausted by the end especially as there were some sluggards in the group .Well there were 40 to start with. So either go for the morning one at 11am or have relaxing afternoon and then follow up the next day. Finally , yes it is free but they ask for a contribution to costs . we bunged 4 lev for us 2 but the students paid less which is fair enough.
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