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For a free tour it is really good! I suggest everybody to join! I was in Sofia only half day but with the help of this tour I know a lot about Sofia
If you have time make sure you do this tour and visit the Vitisha Mountain the views are amazing. Tourist info in the central station is really worth a visit and shop at Billa Supermarkets or Lidl they are great. The tour was fab and gave you lots of history and culture of the city. the guides are great and have a wide knowledge bank they also gave us great recommendations :)
Before taking this tour I spent a whole day alone in the city, and although I saw some of the prominent touristic spots, I felt like I wanted to learn more about the city's history. 10 coins hostel informed me about Free Sofia Tour so I decided to attend the 6 p.m. one. Kristina was my tour guide and from the beginning she made us feel comfortable with each other. Her enthusiasm was contagious and her overall positive attitude made my first free tour ever a wonderful experience. If you plan on taking this tour, aim for the 6 p.m. one because it's not that hot outside and the streets are pretty empty. I met some awesome people in my tour and learned very interesting and funny stories about the city. Thank you Kristina and Free Sofia Tour for the awesome service!
I was amazed as how few people gave a tip, even after I very openly gave mine because not one person on the morning 365 culture tour gave the guide a tip. It is free! The least you can do is give a tip. It is a nice overview of the city and will help decide how to spend the rest of our time.
Nikki was excellent, really informative and even helped me out with further travel plans. Great couple of hours
Enthusiastic young people with excellent English lead you round 35 buildings and venues - no time to go inside but you learn enough to know what to go back to at leisure. An ideal introduction to Sofia, which by the way is a very safe city. The silly reviews we had read about packs of marauding dogs and many beggars are just not true. We saw about four beggars and no dogs in our five day stay. A very friendly city
A great way to get to know the city. Sofia is full of hidden gems but on first appearances can seem intimidating for those not used to the Balkans. The walking tour not only shows you around many beautiful places but also shows you how friendly and beautiful the varied sites of the centre are. Considering it is free and only ask a tip it is worth all the money you pay :D
Was recommended to us by our hotel so we gave it a try. It was fun, interesting and informative. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to get to know Sofia a bit better.
Although my husband and I walked around Sofia by ourselves for first part of our stay, we thought the tour informed us about the history of Sofia. A girl who led our group was very enthusiastic and energetic. She spoke very good English. I was at loss time to time but none the less I learned more about Sofia. I recommend this tour if you're a first time or even if you're a returning visitor. Don't forget to tip the guide at the end of the tour. Not many gave the tip but I think, even just a small amount will be greatly appreciated. Bon Voyage!!
Very Nice! The guide Really knew a lot. You felt like she wanted to show you how Nice Sofia Really are. Good amounth of attractions!
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