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Guided walking tour. We only had a short time in Sofia and this tour offered daily is a fabulous way to get your bearings and discover key places of interest. It's a short tour and was ideal for our family group.
Great introduction to Sofia. We did this the 1st morning to get an overview of the city, and then returned to various places at our leisure. Our guide, Kristina, was very knowledgeable, had good English, and made the trip fun for the participants. We were taken to places we would not have located by ourselves when time is rather limited. It may be free, but the guide deserves a nice tip.
We went on this tour after already having been in Sofia for a few days. We had seen many of the sights, but had no clue about the history/purpose of them. Luckily, it was extremely informative and our tour guide Niki was fantastic. He put his own spin on the tour and was very funny. I would say this tour is a must if you are visiting the city. It is brilliant that this is free as it easily compares with the many paid tours I have been on in other cities. Although there was a large number in our group, it felt like a personal experience and was very interactive. I loved it!
interesting tour of Sofia across time guided by a well-presented suite of stories brought to us by Nadia in good tempo and humor. - recommended !
We had a great time on the Sophia walking tour! The free tour brings the city to life and helps to acquaint yourself with the walking layout of the town. The guides are very knowledgeable, share great stories and speak very good English. It is a free tour but bring a little something for a tip to keep spreading the love of this tour. Bring a water bottle to fill up along the way or stop half way in the park to grab a snack from one of the venders along the way. It's not an official stop but you can quickly buy something and rejoin the group.
We have used the 'Free [City] Tour' brand walking tours in many other cities around the world and always been extremely happy - Sofia lived up to that. These guides work hard, and make the tour both fun and informative. Run by Bulgarians, it offers a great local flavour and provides vignettes about current life in the city and life under socialist rule. We would highly recommend it as a starting point to understand Sofia, both from a cultural, historical and geographical perspective.
The free Sofia tours are as much about understanding the top few attractions of Sofia as it is about exploring the area slowly and with a local perspective. We did the tour in the end of July, and I totally recommend it. The tour is in excellent English (and on the we did it, the assembled group was so large, that we needed 2 guides). We were from over 5 countries and the guide Christina (I HIGHLY recommend her) did a wonderful smiling job of getting to know us, sheparding us and pointing out little quirky details. She was happy to both answer all kinds of questions and admit her extent of knowledge as required. Anyone visiting Sofia, please do this on Day1. It gives you a great idea of what to expect further. Since it is free, no complimentary stuff. So, make sure you carry your own bottle of water (esp in summer, even for an Indian!) And do contribute so future travellers can continue to enjoy the tours.
Just great unique experience, the guides are volunteers and are willing to answer any question. I highly recommend this option
My family was planning a vacation at a beach resort on the black sea. We were traveling by car from Slovakia to Bulgaria and I decided that we would reduce the continuous car time by stopping over in Sofia. When we got there, the city looked like... Well, not much. I had read about the free Sofia tour and had planned to take it. It fit perfectly in my plans. I was not sorry and judging by the attendance, word of mouth attracks a great deal of business to them. I personally loved it! Anna was our tour guide. Her English was better than mine and she new her city and how to make it interesting to all, including my 11 year old daughter. The tour lasted a little over 2 hours, mostly because she new how to get the group involved and that generated a great deal of interesting questions. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about the rich history of Sofia. Thank you Anna and Free Sofia Tour.
I did the tour last week (Monday) in the evening. Our guide Alex spoke very good English and led us through Sofia's history and greatest places in a brief and understandable way. I liked the fact that this organization works with volunteers that have a normal job or study besides this instead of being all architects and historians, so they can offer a more entertaining point of view rather than going too much into (boring) details. So, in summary, this tour gives you a good overview of the city, with some nice stories told by the guide. When you do it the first day of your stay in Sofia, it is also a nice starting point after which you can decide to visit some things again, but then more profoundly.
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