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Fabulous tour. Saw all the important sites, learned in-depth about the history, and had a lot of fun. The guides were among the best informed I have ever used and kept the tour interesting and engaging. Don't forget to tip, since the tour is free
I loved our tour with Dessi! She was very enthusiastic and very well informed about her city. A must do if you're visiting Sofia!
Very nice tours! The guys are really willing to show the cultural side of the city. Our guide Alex was very good and spoke english well. I'll be back, keep going!
I went the evening I arrived in Sofia ... and it was a great introduction to the city, and it really set me up to explore on my own the next day - with a sense of direction. Slavyan was a proper performer, and really brought the tour to life. There are clearly some standard jokes that they have, and whilst you wince a bit - he moved on quickly to be entertaining - I smiled and laughed a lot. Do it as soon as you arrive - two hours that you won't regret.
I have been to most free city tours across Europe and this should rank as one of the tops. Esp with the charming people conducting it. Was on a trip with Alex. Always smiling.passionate and honest, she gives a nice overview of the city & its history. She also provided a deep insight into the intricacies of Bulgarian culture and life, The trip provides a nice snapshot into the rich history and twists and turns of Bulgaria. A must do if you are in Sofia.
For being free this tour covers a lot of great information about Sofia and its history. Our guide Dino was enthusiastic and really welcoming. The best part of the tour is getting more information regarding the paid tours they offer and what to expect. We really enjoyed the tour and we made sure to give a generous donation toward the end to show our appreciation for their time and efforts.
In 2.5 hours you get a lot of information about importing buildings, history and normal life in Bulgaria, now and in the times of her parents and grandparents. The story about the basement and the Beatles, and the bag with an orange and a banana with Christmas gives you an idea what it was like living in Bulgaria in the past. Kristina is an enthusiastic storyteller and is happy to give answers to the questions asked.
This tour really should be the first think you do in Sophia. Great incite in to the historic area of the city and it's layout. Our tour group was large and they split us into 2 groups which was nice because I did not have to stand in the back of a large group straining to list to a guide. Don't forget to tip. These guides were worth it!
Dino was a lot of fun and knew a lot about his city. This was my first free tour so I wasn't sure what to expect. He made sure he talked to everyone personally who showed up early. He told us a lot of interesting facts that I would not have learned on my own. Because of this good experience I will try other free walking tours in other cities. The pace was always comfortable. We saw a lot in 2 hours.
We just did the 6pm Sofia tour and it is highly recommended! Beautiful sites, interesting history, perfect length, and free!! If that's not enough the tour guides are excellent (ours was Niki and he was great!)
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