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I loved the tour. The tour starts at a building at the end of street Vitosha now, a building with two lions. See more here We were around 60 people which I find is a lot :) I never thought Sofia is such a common destination choice. Luckly we were split in three groups, each having it's own guide. I had Rodina as a guide (she's the NGO's president). Firstly, I appreciated she speaks perfect English. It was a really interractive tour. She had games for us, quizez with special prizes :), lots of interesting things about the buildings, Sofia and Bulgaria. Secondly, it was great that I got to see so much of Sofia in so little time (around two hours and 15 minutes) and I got a chance to ask her everything that came to my mind about the country. Lastly, there are at least three other tours the organization is offering. I remember something about a cultural tour, a food tour and a communist tour. From my understanding they are paid though, the cultural one was 20 leva I think.
Nadya (y) was our host for the free tour. She was amazing, funny, professional tour guide. I did not expect much from a free tour but it went beyond my expectactions. I can only recommend it.
Dino was full of fun and personality which made our two and a half hour walking tour of Sofia most enjoyable. He gave us lots of historical facts mixed with interesting stories of the past. Highly recommended.
The free Sofia tour was an amazing introduction to an amazing city. Our tour guide Martin mixed his wealth of knowledge about the history of his home in with many of his own stories which gave the tour a very personal feeling. The other tours they offer, especially the cultural and communist tour sounded great too, but unfortunately we weren't in Sofia on those days. A few incidents occurred during a trip and Martin handled them very well. He obviously cares a lot about his city, it's people and sharing it with people from around the world.
Over the course of travelling through Europe we've been on more than a dozen of these free tours, but this was definitely the best. The guide Martin was incredible. He made everything interesting and lively, and the incentive of sweets for correct answers was surprisingly rewarding. A truly fantastic experience that I would recommend to anyone travelling through Sofia.
Our trip with Viki was my first free walking tour experience, and it couldn't have been better. The girl was very well informed, and she was able to share her knowledge in the way that it was both interesting and informative, as well as funny. We actually visited few of the locations before the tour, but it was nice to get to know more about the city. The way she presented it, Viki definitely made us fall in love with her city:) I recommend the tour for anyone who wants to know the city's history and sights without having to spend hours reading travel books.
It was an interesting and informative tour that helps you get a general sense of Bulgaria. It made me want to join the rest of the organised tours to gain more insight.
We joined the Free Sofia tour on our first day in the city and it was a great way to discover what Sofia has to offer. Some useful insights into what Sofia is planning and what they found when they built their underground. Our guide Kris was fun and informative. Make sure you wear good footwear - the tour lasts 2 hours.
My first walking tour in Sofia was with this guys, and it was amazing. In Autumn, days after I arrived to my new living town. Beeing for free, you could not expect a more warmful, happy and knowledgeful experience in this city. If you come here, one day or more, just please, do this.
Great tour, even better tour guide. The city gets much more interesting once you know the history of the buildings and places!
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