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Our guide Viki was knowledgeable and funny and the two hours tour was interesting from the beginning to the end. One can learn a lot about Sofia and then continue exploring the city on his/her own. The guides can give you tips about many interesting places to visit. There is no fixed fee for the tour. If you are happy with it, give the guide a few leva (the Bulgarian currency). If not - you are not obliged to pay. I can warmly recommend this tour!
Way better than expected! Our tour guide Daniel was very knowledgeable. Feel free to follow their advices for the rest of our stay in Sofia
We joined today the Free Sofia tour. It was such a good experience. Our guide Dino was great in presenting the amazing history of the city in a charming way, full of anecdotes, luckily hardly any years and dates and all in a very good English. The tour was so inspiring that we joined another tour just some hours later. This time not about sights and history but about culture and food. In short. Sofia is definitely a place worth visiting.
I had very good time walking around Sofia with my tour guide Dino, he was prepared, friendly and also funny. The 365 association is very professional in the organisation of tours even if it is a free tour:first of all we were very much but there were 2 tour guides so we could be splitted in groups, they have their own map and they don't need a reservation, they have this tour twice a day every single day of the year. I highly recommend it
Really nice and fun guide. I recommend it to anyone who wants in just a 2 hours to see and learn much of the history of Sofia.
This is a fantastic way of learning about Sofia and Bulgarian history, getting your bearings in the city and some good local advice. Our tour guide Alex was very knowledgeable and friendly. She brought the stories to life. Tours are in (excellent) English. Run twice a day from outside the justice courts. They are free but tips are welcome and deserved. Don't be afraid to ask questions including anything you want to ask a local that isn't part of the tour (where to eat, etc.) as staff are very helpful.
Went on this walking tour yesterday evening. Nikola was great and really tried to interact with the group even though we were all a bit quiet. I really enjoyed the tour and he had a very good knowledge of the city of Sofia. Sometimes you can have boring guides but he told some great stories to keep us interested. Definitely recommend this tour!
This tour gives you an excellent introduction to Sofia. The guides are eloquent, skilled and knowledgeable. They transmit love to their city together with a certain distance that allows them to laugh about themselves. We also took the cultural tour, which is as well interesting and a good way to experience a synthesis of Bulgaria in 2 hours.
The free Sofia tour is a wonderful way to get to know the city in a two and a half hour walking tour. Alex, our guide, was well-informed, fun, charming and she made the walk very enjoyable. You learn a lot about the history of the city as well as get a glimpse of the attractions available in Sofia for a later more-detailed or longer visit if interested. Note that there are two tours per day. Thank you Alex!
I´ve been to Sofia several times but I learned a lot during this 2,5 hours tour. The good thing is that you can do it again and agin. The guide, Nora, was so enthuiastic and did a fantastic job showing the city and explaining the Bulgarian culture.
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