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Awesome tour. Anna was amazing tour guide. It was funny, interactive and educational. A must do to get to know Sofia better.
I had never heard of any FREE City Tours before the one in Sofia. Having read about it in an online travel guide for Sofia, I decided to just show up as suggested and give it a try. I could not have been more happily surprised and impressed. During the several hours of walking the central core of the city, we passed by and often stopped at many of the historic churches, buildings, attractions and open spaces. Our young guide was both informative and entertaining. The Free Sofia Tour was an excellent starting point for me to then decide which attractions warranted a return visit for the photo ops, as well as entry. It was very easy to hand my guide a nice tip.
I joined the free walking tour as i do in every city i visit and in fact it was one of my best free tours ever the tour leader Martin told us too much about the Bulgarian history and many stories until our time now + he has a very high sense of humor which we all enjoyed listening while smiling and laughing during the tour. .thanks Martin ..
Great way to see all the sights. Dino was great. 2 hours which just the right amount of time. Be sure to tip. Although it's free, the guides still need to make a living.
Very interesting and informative. Our guide nikki was very excited and helpfull. Gave lots of extra information indicate extra activites. Nikki was really clear and polite all times! Make sure u leave him a good tip, its worth!!
Take this tour as soon as you are able upon arriving into Sofia. It will give you a great understanding of the cities layout for when you're exploring on your own. It is also a great way to get a good snapshot of Bulgaria's history and Sofia's role in it. The tour is free but you will be happy to tip (and should anyway).
Our guide was enthusiastic and funny. DONT FORGET TO TIP AT THE END. But you will *want* to. A few personal anecdotes gave a feel of it being a live city with real people not just a historical site. Nice efforts to get the guests involved. My excitement about it convinced my local friends to go too! The guide gives a small map with recommended places near the end. We tried restaurant #7 and it was amazing *and* a bargain. I also learned facts that more local friends didn't know. The only way to begin your visit. Highly recommended.
We did this walking tour on the last day of our travels and we were not disappointed. Despite the heavy rain, Anna's tour was both informative and entertaining and I would definitely recommend it for an overview of both the city and the history of Bulgaria.
A fantastic insight into the history and culture of Sofia. Not a dull moment. Recommend if you have a day in Sofia take this tour and get to know the city.
If you are an English speaker wanting to get the most out of visiting Sofia and learning about its history, this is for you. The tour guides are really nice and friendly and tell good stories about the sites. Everything is carefully mapped out so you'll do less walking to see the historical sites. I even learned facts about the buildings that my Bulgarian friend who grew up in Sofia didn't even know.
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