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was born in the very heart of Sofia. After graduating an English Language High School he went to study Industrial Management in Germany where he spend 7 years. Meanwhile he did internships in the Czech Republic and Belarus and had the chance to travel throughout Europe. After graduating in March 2010 he came back to Sofia to start a new life. In August the same year he also started organizing the first free English language walking tour in Sofia. Currently he is working as sales engineer at a representative of a German company. If you are lucky enough to be part of only German-speaking group, he would be glad to show you around in your mother language.
was born and raised in the beating centre of Sofia. In March 2012 he came back from a student exchange programme Erasmus in Prague, where he visited a free tour and then started showing his friends all around the city. He has graduated Finance, but at the same time decided to study History, so now he is on his way to graduate his second Bachelor. Daniel has taken part in different voluntary projects, especially with the youth organisations AEGEE and ESN. His passion is to discover new and interesting places, so he will be happy to share with you about his travelling adventures. His other interests are watching movies, running or just enjoying a cold drink in the park with friends.
is a deep thinker and observer. His eyes -- wide angle lenses -- trying always to capture every single detail, even what`s behind the curtain or invisible. Nevertheless, don`t consider him to be the most serious guy, as he is fond of goofing and joking around all the time. Appreciates the people with great sense of humour. Considers himself proud inhabitant of the lands of the Rhodope Mountains, however Sofia has been his home for the past several years and he’s got nifty advices in order to make your time here even better. A music addict -- dubstep & hip-hop bangin’ through his earphones. Extremely passionate basketball player, if you dare to challenge him... you be stuck playing with him till he finally gets more wins & beats you.
was born in a 19th century house in downtown Sofia, spent most of his childhood in the ghetto, while still studying at the central part, so he has seen both sides of the city. He started learning English when he was four and ended up working as a freelance translator for several years. After graduating from the American College of Sofia, he spent a semester studying Public Administration in his hometown, then three semesters studying Political Science in Teaneck/Hackensack, New Jersey, USA, before returning to Sofia University and starting his education in Law. Apart from English, he has also studied French, Spanish and German and insists he will become fluent in at least two of those as well. In his spare time Stefan likes meeting old friends and new people, writing, traveling, the seaside, the mountains, skiing, swimming and football, but above all he loves history and sharing his thoughts, so he enjoys doing the tours as much as the tourists, if not more so. When asked about an opinion on whether Stefan will make a valuable contribution to the Free Sofia Tour, a reference once said: “I bet my head on that. He is practically a reincarnation of one of those yellow paving stones…” What this means you will learn when you visit our tour!
is studying law at the Sofia university. She really loves travelling and meeting new people. Her dream is to travel around the world, but in the end she will always want to come back home cause Sofia rocks:D and it will be a real pleasure for her to show you her city and try to make you fall in love with it as well.
Martin was born and raised in the city of Sofia. He has a master degree in International Relations, but his true passion is history, which is also his bachelor degree. Firm believer that understanding our history impacts the way we model our future. Martin is very positive and open-minded person, who wants to contribute to the development of the environment in Bulgaria and that’s why he is committed to a couple of non-profit organizations. He believes that happiness is one of the most important values and takes part in initiatives that aim to bring smiles to people’s faces. Apart from that, Martin has a broad sphere of interests - architecture, infrastructure, urbanization, entrepreneurship, self-development etc. He believes that the city of Sofia can combine all of his interest – the history of the city, the present situation, the future infrastructure and urban developments, the events on various topics that take place in the city etc. Enjoys talking to people on philosophical topics over a mug of beer.
Nikola was born in Sofia and has spent most of his life in the city. His biggest passion in life is music. For him it is more than just a hobby as it takes most of his free time and is something that he hopes to do for a living. After graduating from a language high school in Sofia, Nikola went to study music in London. Apart from his love for the stage, Nikola also loves Sofia, history, meeting people from all over the world and exploring different cultures and luckily for him Free Sofia Tour combines all of this. Besides Bulgarian, he also speaks English, French and Russian.
Currently is a third year in an international program of NHTV Breda University and IBS Sofia. Studying tourism, Nora hopes one day to become a professional tour guide. She is truly passionate about traveling, meeting new people and exploring new cultures.  She believes that life is an adventure and you just have to take the best of it. Her favorite season is summer and she connects it with the fresh spirit and sunny emotions. For the past two years she enjoyed Spanish way of life. She practiced guiding in the magnificent city of Barcelona and since then she became totally lost into that job. Now, Free Sofia Tour has converted to her favorite hobby.
Slavyan was born in Sofia and firmly believes that he will stay there, although he loves exploring new places and has travelled around Europe, USA and the Middle East and really hopes to visit more places like Asia and New Zealand soon. He studied Business Administration at the New Bulgarian University, but likes to think of himself as a multifunctional person with a wide variety of passions: he has practiced sports and dancing for years, loves new technology, and aspires to become an entrepreneur by initiating new businesses that might help the development of Sofia. He also loves communicating with people and organizes children camps during the summer. All of that made him realize one never knows when exactly they will meet a person that just might change their life for the better, so he just can't wait to meet you on his next tour and show you around the magnificent city of Sofia.
Vasil was born and raised in Sofia and simply loves this city. His lust for travel was kindled in school when he was taught the essence of tour guiding. School was also the birthplace of his passion for languages: he speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese, but is also interested in learning Russian, French and Swedish. He enjoys cooking, creating, all good music and stuff, but most of all he likes movies. He is currently a fourth-year student in an international tourism program of NHTV Breda and IBS together with Nora, another Free Sofia Tour guide. He also had the chance to work as a tour guide in Portugal and Spain and all this is an inspiration for him to make Bulgaria an attractive place and show it to the world.
Dessi was born in Sofia and has been living here all her life. After a series of trips around Europe Dessi started loving her hometown even more – not because Europe is not charming, but because it helped appreciate the less obvious beauty of Bulgaria’s capital city. Dessi studied at the French language high school in Sofia and is very into Italian language as well. Languages are kind of a passion for her, as she has also studied Spanish and recently decided to get to know the Russian language. Apart from languages, Dessi studies International Economic Relations and is soon to become a bachelor in economics. She has been a participant in various projects of the 365 Association since 2013, but in 2014 made a dream come true – to become a Free Sofia Tour guide and to be able to share her passion for Sofia and Bulgaria with guests from all over the world. Her few days of spare time are usually dedicated to horse riding, hiking and enjoying the beauty of Bulgaria’s unspoiled seacoast areas.
Kristina, 23 years old. Nature lover and a free soul. Mountains are calling for hiking. Rocks are calling for climbing, slopes are waiting for skiing. No matter the season - I don’t have the strength to decline their proposal. Collecting summits is my passion and as long as their reaching is accompanied with tents and hammocks during the summer or deep snow during the winter – the world is just great. Hitchhiking and camping are my main summer occupations. Love to explore the hidden places with hot sands and salty waters. Greatest struggle? Cannot ride a bicycle. Such a shame, much sad. Being in an adventure is a reason for living. Life is motion, so get moving and come to Sofia to walk around this lovely city!
Although she is half Latin American, Alex feels a 100% Bulgarian. At present she is doing her Master’s thesis in Business Administration and Marketing. She loves singing, dancing, acting and she is a part of the new Sofia Gospel Choir. Alex enjoys traveling and meeting new people and she is always ready to discover new things and places. She believes that apart from the popular tourist destinations in Sofia and Bulgaria, there are also a lot of “hidden beauties” waiting to be found. Alex was actually born and raised in a small town in South-West Bulgaria, surrounded by mountains and forests. When she moved to Sofia to study forestry at the university, she first thought that this city was too dynamic and noisy for her taste. But as soon as she dived into the capital’s rhythm and lifestyle, she started discovering the beauty and magic of Sofia and now she thinks of it as her second home.
Dino was born and grew up in Sofia, a fact that doesn't prevent him from rediscovering the beauty of the Bulgarian capital every day. Theatre and cinema are his passion: he graduated as an actor from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts and currently performs on the capital stages. In addition to history, music holds a special place in his heart. He has produced several tracks and considers a day lost if he hasn't played his piano or trumpet.
Alexander or Sasho ​(which is short for Alexander, but nobody knows why) was born and raised right in the center of Sofia. He is a very friendly, fun loving guy, who really appreciates good sense of humor. He studied international relations but history is his passion. He is especially interested in old military uniforms, and he will be pleasantly shocked, if he finds somebody else, who also is​ ​(he is still waiting for that somebody). Sasho loves sports, since he was very little he practiced athletics, swimming, football (or soccer for our American friends) and for the last 14 years has been practicing volleyball. He loves Sofia and is always ready to share his knowledge about the city with anyone who is interested.
Born and raised in the city of Sofia, Simona only feels at home if she can get a glimpse of Vitosha Mountain. However, it was only when she left Bulgaria to take part in a student exchange program, that she realized she feels best in an international environment. After spending five happy months abroad, she encountered a problem – she missed Sofia. The solution came disguised as a profession, a few months after she came back to her home city she applied for a job as a tour guide. Combining her two favorite things – meeting people from different countries and backgrounds and showing them a different perspective to where she grew up in – makes for a dream come true. You will often hear her say that her job is like travelling but staying in one place and she would be glad to share this journey with you.
Ani... Although she travels a lot, she never moved to live in another city. Sofia gives Ani everything she needs: ) Ani is a professional actress, she performs on the theater stages of Sofia and Bulgaria. She also has the gift to get along with kids so she is working as well as a teacher of everything that she knows: acting, singing, English, snowboarding, windsurfing​... For her the Free Sofia Tour is both a performance and a chance to meet new people and learn more about the cultures of all the nations in the world!
Was born in Sofia and is currently living in the suburbs of the city. She is happy, energetic and always ready for new adventures and friendships. She has a degree in political science from Sofia University and a master degree from Maastricht University in the Netherlands. She has been living in 4 different countries in the past 5 years Her greatest passion is travelling, learning new languages, dancing salsa and being involved in different causes. She believes in the bright future of the non-governmental sector in Bulgaria and wants to develop her potential in this direction. Free Sofia Tour is the best way to show how awesome, interesting and vibrant the city is. Being part of it gives great energy and chance to meet people from all over the world!
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