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Free Sofia Tour is just the first project of the 365 Association, officially registered in October 2010 by Kristian Mitov, Vanya Nikova, Teddy Zareva & Boyko Blagoev - four enthusiasts who had recently returned to Bulgaria. As of 2013 we have already launched the Free Varna Tour and Free Plovdiv Tour, we have 50 people on our team, and we have welcomed more than 70 000 people from 125+ countries to Bulgaria. Our tours are number one attractions according to TripAdvisor and most importantly - we have helped our guests discover Bulgaria in a way that makes them want to come back again. We continue developing other initiatives to achieve the main goals of our organization:

  1. Turn Bulgaria into a popular destination for tourism and culture

  2. Improve the quality of the tourist services in Bulgaria

  3. Engage young people into active civil participation

  4. Create conditions to encourage multicultural exchange


The new projects that we are currently working on include, among other:

- due to the increasing demand, we now offer private tours for organized groups. For more information, please contact [email protected];
- tours for kids: we have raised funding for developing the content for a walking tour in Sofia adapted for children; additional funding would allow us to develop such tours for Plovdiv and Varna, and to offer free guided tours;

- tour of the National Palace of Culture: we are negotiating the opening of this landmark building with unique history, architecture and a rich collection of Bulgarian art; additional funding would allow us to provide free tours for students;

- three theme tours: Culture Tour of Sofia, Jewish Heritage tour of Sofia, Hidden Architecture Jems of Sofia; additional funding is needed to develop these ideas beyond concept stage 


The organization of the free walking tours of Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna takes our team hundreds of hours monthly in addition to the 2-3 hours that each of our daily tours takes. During the last four years of dynamic growth we have been uncompromising about the high quality of the services we offer and we would like to continue improving in a sustainable way. If you like what we do, and if you would like more people to benefit from our free tours, please  consider supporting us each month with a sum within your means. You can use our bank account or Paypal for a safe way to make a donation:

365 Association
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Годишен финансов отчет на Сдружение Фрий София Тур за 2012 г.
Годишен отчет на Сдружение Фрий София Тур за 2012 г.
Годишен финансов отчет на Сдружение Фрий София Тур за 2011 г.
Годишен отчет на Сдружение Фрий София Тур за 2011 г.

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